Several Blooms Flourish during the Winter Season

Not all flowers come into shown during the spring or summertime. Some blooms flourish during the cold winter season too! Furthermore, they are as colorful, vibrant and exuberant as those flowers that prefer the summer months! Therefore, it becomes possible to present bouquets/baskets/vases of fresh blooms during any season of the year.

China Aster

Even a cursory glance at the flower heads seems to convey the impression that Mother Nature has used her best pair of scissors to shape them! The petals of the pink, purple, white, orange, etc, flowers are so perfect in their sizes and designs!


The stem is woody and the branches slender! This annual plant exhibits charmingly long spikes of blooms. The hues are visually appealing. It is easy to grow it as a potted plant too. One might easily place this among a list of choices if wishing to send flowers online in Mumbai, or elsewhere.


If one is a lover of small, delicate-looking, white flowers, then it is easy to fall in love with this species! The plant is not tall at all and extends its branches freely. As a result, it seems as if there is a flowing, white carpet of honey-scented blooms in the vicinity!

Calendula/Pot Marigold

This is ideal for anyone wishing to view ‘sunshine’ in the form of deep orange or attractive straw-colored blossoms every morning! Whether placed in a flowerbed, window box or pot, this double/single flowering plant makes one feel alive and well!


The flowers of this plant are akin to glorious-looking butterflies with unique patterns! They grow in single, combination or contrasting colors. Best of all, the plant does not desire its own space, as it prefers to be under the shade provided by taller plants!


The blossoms of this plant dazzle the eye, with their attractive trumpet shapes! These trumpets may be big or small, but are lovely to behold! They are extremely popular, thanks to their clean-looking hues of purple, pink, yellow, white, etc.


It is an annual, which loves to spread its branches wide. As a result, the flowers show up in the form of numerous spikes. They may be beautifully white or a passionate crimson, all very aesthetic in appearance! in fact, there are several shaded varieties, which people love to place in pots or flower beds.


This is a different kind of flower spikes. They are ideal as background shrubbery, as well as borders of flowerbeds. The plant does not mind being part of a large mass in flowerbeds, taking up residence under tall trees or staying only partly in the shade. Wherever it is, the bright scarlet, tubular blossoms do leave a great impact on the viewer’s mind!

Dianthus/Sweet William

The single/double flowering plant expresses its beauty in the form of blooms growing in rounded clusters. These fragrant flowers, with their attractive shades of colors, flourish right on top of the branches. They present a vivid appearance, as they settle down in flower beds, window boxes, borders or rock gardens.