Importance of 15th August for an Indian

India is an independent nation after long fights and struggle by our eminent freedom fighters. The British rulers treated Indians like slave. They created partition among different regions of India. Indian National Congress (INC) was formed to fight against British rulers. Both the violence and nonviolence movement were formed to gain freedom. Millions of people were injured in causalities due to several fights before independence. At last after years of struggle, India received independence on 15th of August 1974. This is declared as the Independence Day of India.

Importance of 15th August

This is the day when people around the nation enjoy the freedom. This day plays an important role in the life of every Indian citizens. We are no more the slaves of British people. Rather, we form our own government. As per the constitution of India, the government of the nation is of the people, by the people and for the people. Thus, we all can make the government fall and can make it stand whenever we require. The Independence Day is celebrated throughout the nation on 15th of August every year. All our freedom fighters, Gandhiji, Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, Netaji etc are payed homage on this special day.

How Independence Day is celebrated?

A grand celebration takes place during the Independence Day of India. All the official buildings and government offices are lit with the several strands of light. Also, the tricolour flutters are used during the day of independence. Even the schools and collages organize the Independence Day programs at schools or any other nearby venue. There is competition among the students belonging to different classes as well as schools during this day. Parade takes place on this auspicious day with competition among students belonging to different schools within the city as well as outskirts of each state.
The flag hoisting takes place on a regular fashion where the head of the institute or an organization pulls the rope to make the Indian tricolour fly high over the sky. The prime minister of India hoists flag and deliver speech to the entire nation at Red ford. The governor of each state hoists flag at the respective places on this special day.

Holiday declaration

Independence Day is the day when the government declares holiday to everybody throughout the nation. This is known as the gazetted holiday. All the public as well as private offices are closed during 15th of August every year. People enjoy this day every year and trues to get free from their normal lifestyle. The daily life should be little bit changed on the day of countries independence. The Importance of 15th august for an Indian is very well clear in this content. People must keep themselves updated with some independence offers and discounts at various shops. The online shopping sites today has made so many offers available to people to enjoy the freedom of the country. Independence Day is the best day to enjoy great freedom in variety of products available in the market.