Raksha Bandhan – A Bond that Transcends Time

This celebration of the bond between siblings is celebrated across the nation. The central ceremony of Rakhi is all about sisters tying a sacred thread known as Rakhi around their brothers’ wrists.
Most Indian traditions have a scientific reason or logic for celebrating it that way and we decided to dig deeper about Raksha Bandhan. We are all familiar about the mythical and historical stories related to the origin of Rakhi, ranging from Draupadi and Krishna to Rani Karnavati to Humayun. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is all about celebrating this bond.

The great Nobel laureate & poet Rabindranath Tagore had used the festival of Raksha Bandhan as an occasion to bring about unity in different communities in the country. During the partition of Bengal in 1905, this great personality had urged the Hindus & Muslims to tie Rakhis to each other in order to strengthen communal bonds and unify the people of the nation against the colonial rule of the British!

This is a festival that brings families closer. If ever there is a bond that is eternal and that tides overall differences and still goes strong, it is the love between a brother and a sister. It comes as no surprise then that Rakshabandhan is celebrated with so much fervor every year. It is a festival that all brothers and sisters look forward to as a celebration of their bond. As a solemn resolve to protect their sisters in any situation, brothers renew their vow every year on this day. Everyone dresses up in their finery and preps up with fancy rakhis and gifts.

The whole idea behind the festival is that the sisters pray for the safety and prosperity of their brothers, while the brothers vow to safeguard and stand for their sisters. With time, the design of the Rakhis has also undergone various changes and now they come in numerous designs; some of them also come with miniatures of Gods and Goddesses. So, we went ahead and did a little research, which, kind of, surprised us! According to Vaastu experts, Rakhis with such figures is actually inauspicious and can strain relations between brothers and sisters.

For girls like me, celebrations start with picking up the right rakhi, decorating a traditional thali with kumkum, rice and some sweets. The best part of the festival is the exchange of gifts that each one looks forward to with much anticipation. For the boys, gifting something to their sisters on Rakhi is a big deal. Every sister awaits her gift with eagerness and getting something trendy is a dream come true. Since my brother has gone abroad for studies, sending Rakhis for him every year has a huge significance for me since it helps bring us closer and is a great way of showing sibling love though we are separated by hundreds of miles.

The bond of Raksha Bandhan can transcend the rules of kinship and be upheld not only among siblings, but also among friends or acquaintances who share a similar relationship, irrespective of blood connections. Every year, we celebrate this joyous festival among much pomp, ceremonial rites and exchange of Rakhi gifts. This Rakhi, be careful of what you buy for your brother and celebrate this festival that brings families closer!

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Gift Giving is a Wonderful Way to Connect and Communicate

Gift Giving in Mumbai

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Gifts in Mumbai
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Gift Giving is like a Cherry on top of moments

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