Birthday Flowers by Month

Birthday is considered to be an auspicious occasion which should be celebrated with optimum fun, zest and enthusiasm. Majority of the people prefer to receive birthday gifts in the form of flowers. It is also an ideal opportunity to convert this event into something more meaningful by presenting birth month flowers to your loved ones. Most of them might not be quite familiar with the flowers that correspond to their birth month. Today we shall discuss the birthday flowers by month.

  1. January birthday flower—Carnation:-
    Carnation represents divine love, charm, grace and pride. The month is brimmed with anticipation about what lies ahead in the future.
  1. February birthday flower—Iris:-
    ‘Iris’ symbolizes trust and sagacity. It is one of the finest examples of passion and ever-lasting friendship.
  1. March birthday flower— Daffodil:-
    Charm and beautiful yellow daffodil indicates the end of winter season and commencement of warmer days. Daffodil symbolizes friendship, courage and loyalty. It is literally referred to as ‘affodell’ which is an alternative of asphodel. It is a name which is assigned to the members belonging to the group narcissus.
  1. April birth flower— Gerbera Daisies:-
    A Gerbera daisy is an epitome of eternal love and innocence.  It symbolizes fertility, purity and optimism.
  1. May birthday flower— Lily:-
    Lily represents integrity, honesty, purity and hope.  It boasts of its modesty and sweetness as well.
  1. June birthday flowers—Rose:-
    Rose of varying colors has various meanings. Out of which few represents beauty, passion and love. Celebrate this birthday with a beautiful bunch of roses.
  1. July birthday flower— Water lily:-
    Water lily is often referred to as the ‘Queen of the water’. It represents intense love, passion and enlightenment. It is one of the perfect ways to celebrate summer monsoon birthday.
  1. August birthday flower— Gladiola:-
    The term ‘Gladiola’ is derived from the Latin word ‘gladius’. It symbolizes strength and integrity.
  1. September birthday flower—Aster:-
    Aster disseminates a sense of warmth, elegance and beauty. It represents grace, love and affection.
  1. October birthday flower—Marigold:-
    Marigold symbolizes warmth, grace, fun and modesty. Elegant and classy marigold denotes sincerity, affection and grace.
  1. November birthday flower—Chrysanthemum:-
    Chrysanthemum denotes innocence, love and intense desire. So deliver a gorgeous bunch of chrysanthemum to celebrate this birthday.
  1. December birthday flower—Narcissus:-
    The term ‘Narcissus’ is derived from the Greek mythology meaning ‘You are special’. It represents hope, good fortune and a bright future ahead.